Saturday, July 2, 2011

Is Tradeshow Marketing Dead? 12 Tips to Resuscitate a Classic Lead-Gen Tactic

I am very pleased to have recently had an article published in MarketingProfs, one of the premiere marketing websites.

Many have pronounced tradeshow marketing dead. But I propose that with the right strategy, hard work, and flawless execution, tradeshows can still be a productive part of your marketing plan.

Here are 12 ways to breathe new life into your tradeshows:
  1. Start planning early
  2. Make sure the audience is a good fit
  3. Get on the presentation agenda
  4. Establish a service level agreement with sales
  5. Negotiate for the full list of registrants
  6. Promote your participation to customers and prospects prior to the show
  7. Demand aggressive and professional performance from booth staff
  8. Capture detailed lead information
  9. Provide giveaways, raffles, and tchotchkes
  10. Enter all leads into a CRM system for Sales follow-up
  11. Continue post-show marketing with an appropriate offer
  12. Hold a post-mortem review with Sales and Marketing
Check out the article posted on for all the details behind these tips to maximize the effectiveness of trade shows in your marketing mix.

This article was inspired by a discussion in the Sales / Marketing VPs LinkedIn discussion group.

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